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I’ve been capturing the beauty and elements of nature for over 25 years. A native Texan, I’m self-taught in photography through classes and in-the-field experiences. I love the amazing gifts nature offers us and have learned that the special moments one shares with nature cannot be found anywhere else and they are unique to each individual.

The vibrant colors and art of nature draw me in. My artistic vision leads me to explore images that can be found within the “big picture” by observing detail in a scene which might otherwise be overlooked – a flow or combination of colors, one tree that stands out from the forest, or a play of light upon a subject. Nature never ceases to provide opportunities for one who is paying attention. Included in my body of work are expressive waterscapes and landscapes, with an emphasis on abstracts. I strive to capture not only the beauty, but the emotion and feeling of nature in my images. My hope is the viewer will find within them a moment of escape to enjoy nature. 

As my art evolves I am also creating one-of-a-kind mixed media pieces inspired by the colors and beauty of nature.  They too can be found on my site.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  If you are interested in any of the Mixed Media pieces, please contact me directly.


Thank you for visiting, 

Charleen Baugh         

cbaugh1013@gmail.com  / info@art-bynature.com     



Recent Events/Honors:

• Art In the Pines Gallery juried selection 2017

• Top 200 artists Art Comes Alive/Cincinnati (2017) sponsored by Art Design Consultants

• Selected to participate in Art on the Avenue (11th year) 2017

• Redwood Media Group Platform Artist of the Year Special Category Award (2016) (image at Art Expo in San Diego & Miami (2016) and Indian Wells & New York 2017)

• Top 150 artists Art Comes Alive/Cincinnati (2015) sponsored by Art Design Consultants

• Publishing contract with Studio EL (fine art prints) in California

• Harris County Hosp. Dist. Contest/image selected for Ben Taub

• Bastrop Fine Arts Guild Gala/image used for publications & auctioned at Gala


• Blink Art Resource   • Studio EL   • National Wildlife Magazine   • Parachutist Magazine  •  Portfolio Publications   • Exultant Ark (book)   • Corporate Advertising

Current Exhibits:

• In July 2018 The Antique Gallery of Houston   • St. Luke’s Hospital (Houston, TX) permanent rotating exhibit   • Harris County Hospital District contest –image chosen for Ben Taub Hospital (Houston)   • UTMB (Galveston, TX) 

Past Exhibits:

• Lost Pines Art Gallery, Bastrop, TX   • Zen Art Gallery   • Mind Puddles Gallery   • Bradford Street Gallery   • One & Three Allen Centers   • Continental Airlines Bldg.   • Bank of America / Croissant Brioche  • Total Plaza   • Explore Houston at the George R. Brown Convention Center   • Other venues in Houston and Austin


• Studio EL (CA) (certain images licensed)   • Art Design Consultants (OH)  • Art+Artisans (TX)   • Art-Right Art Consultants (TX)   • Star Light Gala   • Art on the Avenue   • Other fund raising events   • Art Finder   • Fine Art America


• Medical Facilities   • Individuals (local and international)   • Law Firms   • Art Consultants      • Corporations

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